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Cultivating Compassion Session 1: Permission to Feel


The NT-NL Public Witness Team for Peace & Justice are partnering with the United States Christian Leadership Organization (USCLO), Charter for Compassion Social Justice Sector, and Kairos + Collaborative to offer this set of FREE online episodes and practice sessions to help Make This Your Year to Cultivate Compassion!

“You’re invited to spend 2023 growing compassion for yourself, your friends, and even those who today you might describe as enemies. We’ll interrogate our emotions, reasoning, decision-making, and more as we work to join the infinite game of building peace.”

Access the full list of episodes and sessions here.

Specifically about this January 26 session:

Maybe you’ve heard people say, “facts don’t care about your feelings.” Maybe you’ve even told yourself that. It’s true in that facts don’t care about anything: they simply are. The same is true of humans: we simply are. Part of our simply being a human, however, is having emotions. And one of the choices we make in each moment is whether or not to care about our own emotions or those of the people around us. This month and next, we’ll explore the emotional dimension of our humanity, especially the way we can find meaningful insights about facts and our relationship to them by attending to our feelings about them. We begin our adventure together with Marc Brackett’s book, Permission to Feel.

Full details about this session (including registration) can be found here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/cultivating-compassion-session-1-permission-to-feel-tickets-490320601117