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Online Synod Assembly


Saturday, September 26, 1:00-4:30pm

*For Voting Members attending today, friendly reminder we will need to occasionally lock the webinar (meaning you will not be able to join) when we need to produce credentialing reports and do voting. You can find the approximate times in the proposed agenda.*


Voting Members registered in advance (by Friday, September 18) to be able to attend and vote in this year’s Assembly. You will receive a reminder email from Zoom containing information about joining the webinar the day before, and one hour before, Assembly. You may need to check your junk / spam folder. Once you log into the Zoom webinar, be sure your name reflects how you registered so that you can be confirmed and allowed to vote.

We will be live streaming to the NT-NL Facebook page (no account required) and recording this event for all other attendees.

— — —

To access the Assembly Reference Materials: https://www.ntnl.org/2020-assembly-reference-materials/ (more items to be added in the coming weeks)

Important notes for this year’s Assembly:

Thanks to our good stewardship in previous years, we can offer this online experience at no cost to congregations.

Each voting member will need their own email address to register, and they will need to log into the Zoom webinar on September 26 with that same email address.

Each voting member will need to access the Zoom webinar with their own device to be able to vote. Ideally, this would be a computer so that polling (our voting option this year) is easily seen and accessed. If a tablet or phone is the only option, we highly recommend practicing before Assembly on how to access all the functions of Zoom webinars on each device, specifically where to find the poll option in a timely manner when that opens for each ballot.

If any voting member does not have access to any type of device to be able to login into (not call into) the Zoom webinar, please contact jason@ntnl.org as soon as possible, and we will research options. We will need to know this by Monday, August 31.

If any voting member needs translation in Spanish (there is a language interpretation option within Zoom webinars), please contact jason@ntnl.org by Monday, August 31, and we’ll do our best to get that set up.

Every voting member must be registered by Friday, September 18. No exceptions, no late registrations, and no “walk-ins” will be allowed this year. There are more requirements for online voting than in person, and we need time to implement them to ensure every voting member can be confirmed and their votes are secure.

We will hold two orientations (30-45 minutes each) prior to Assembly: Tuesday, September 22, 7pm, and Wednesday, September 23, 11am. If you are new to Zoom or have ever had issues with Zoom or your device, please plan to log in up to 30 minutes prior to the orientation to troubleshoot with Jason beforehand. We highly recommend every voting member attend at least one orientation to help us avoid being overwhelmed with requests the day of Assembly.

We ask that all Assembly, including technology-related, questions be routed to jason@ntnl.org. Especially starting Friday, September 18, and through Assembly on Saturday, September 26, the rest of synod staff and the Council executive team will be largely unavailable to answer questions as we plan for this new way of doing Assembly. Jason will be available to answer questions for you. We highly recommend each voting member start now on learning their device with Zoom and ask questions sooner rather than later. Please know we will do our best to support everyone, and if folks wait until the day of, we cannot guarantee their full participation (including being able to vote) in this year’s Assembly if we are inundated with requests.

Let’s have fun with this. We’re all experimenting and learning. We appreciate your grace, and we are praying for each of you.

More details forthcoming about this online experience.

To read Bishop’s announcement from July 28: https://www.ntnl.org/bishops-message-tuesday-july-28th-assembly-news/

To review details from our original Assembly event page: https://www.ntnl.org/event/2020-synod-assembly/


September 26, 2020
1:00 pm - 4:30 pm
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